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We believe that God creates each movement of churches distinct, destined to fulfil a divinely appointed purpose for a specific time, with different emphasis according to the will of God. We believe that these distinctives are important as they make a difference in how we live and how we minister. As a family of churches we unite around them, we strive for them, these are the things that matter to us.



We want to be a joyful people, who enjoy and celebrate Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour, knowing we are loved, accepted and made righteous by Him. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is the fire that motivates all we do, it is not motivated by a religious principle or philosophy but by our love for Him.

We recognise the foundational significance of the simple truth that it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. We must die to sin and our selfish desires and live new lives unto God. Our lives and churches are built on this principle and we seek to joyfully live holy, righteous and generous lives that are pleasing to God. We acknowledge our inability to live holy lives without the ongoing power of the life of Christ within. 





As churches we seek to walk in and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings vitality to the life of a believer and a church and guides our decision making. We believe the Bible to be the word of God and it’s authority is final, therefore our desire to move with the Holy Spirit will never be contradictory to the Bible. We believe the Spirit illuminates the Bible bringing revelation of the heart and will of God for believers and the church.

We believe in the vital importance of prayer in the life of a Christian and a church, prayer is the means by which we find the joy of the Lord and the knowledge of his will. We believe that prayer births, grows and establishes the work of God in our lives and our churches. God has chosen to work through the prayers of His people and It is our delight and commitment to cooperate with God in His purposes and see the fulfilment of the things we pray for. 



We are humbled by the fact that Christ has entrusted the Gospel to us through the power of His Spirit to see broken lives restored and the lost saved. Our churches seek to be consistently outwardly focused, seeking to reach and save the lost by encouraging and equipping every member to share the gospel. We are called to be sending churches, who help equip and release ordinary people on mission as pioneers willing to go to new places and take the gospel wherever we can as ordinary people with an extraordinary God.

We believe the manifold wisdom of God is displayed through the church, which is expressed through local churches. A local church which is operating as Christ intended by loving each other and seeking to share the gospel with those who live around us is God’s primary means for establishing His kingdom on earth. We seek to plant churches, where the gospel can be proclaimed in new areas and believers are formed into families of disciples.




Jesus Christ reigns as head over His church, and He gives to His church elders to oversee and lead local churches under His authority. We believe that men, qualified by both character and gifting, are to serve as elders, caring and serving those in the church.  We are deeply committed both to the fundamental spiritual and moral equality of male and female. Under the oversight of Eldership we believe that all people, male and female, can operate in leadership in various activities and ministries. 


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